Posted by: msmc4 | March 29, 2010

Reaction to TB Article

After researching the topic of tuberculosis, I decided to revisit an article that I had linked to a previous blog post. In this article, it describes a situation where a tuberculosis patient was allowed to board an airplane despite being on several do-not-board lists.

For me, after reading this article my initial reaction was disappointment. The purpose of government is to protect its citizens by upholding policies and laws. Unfortunately, in this situation policies were clearly broken and more than 50 people were put at risk. The re-circulation of air and small area within the airplane created an optimal environment for Tuberculosis to spread. As a public health student, I found this article to be disappointing because research has shown prevention is a lot easier compared to treatment. I wonder how many similar situations occur each year in the US, and if the number would decrease if stricter consequences were in place.




  1. It really makes you think about how protected we really are from these diseases if these policies aren’t being enforced!

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